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Burgers + Fries In Disguise

Updated: May 28, 2021

The summertime is quickly approaching and for us Floridians that means spending our days out by the pool, catching some rays, with the sweet smell of burgers on the grill. Okay okay, so maybe normal burgers don't ACTUALLY smell sweet, but I can assure you that THESE sure do. Bring a sweet twist to your favorite summer meal with this Burgers + Fries In Disguise recipe.

What We Used:

Burger Bun

Bake or buy Vanilla Muffins

If baking you will need a muffin pan

Vanilla cake batter

Standard Cupcake Liners

Brownie Burger Patty

Bake or buy unfrosted brownies

Round cookie cutter

Make sure brownies are completely cool before cutting circles

Buttercream frosting

Piping bags or ziploc bags

#104 piping tip for lettuce

Gel food coloring (red, green and yellow)

White sprinkles (optional for sesame seeds on bun tops)

American Flag Toothpicks or Dad cupcake toppers

Butter Knife

Sugar cookie fries:

Sugar cookie dough

Crinkle fry cookie cutter

Step 1

Cut top of cupcake (this will be your top bun)

Cut bottom of cupcake (this will be your lower bun)

Reserve middles to eat later or make cake in a jar

Step 2

Roll out cookie dough with flour to prevent it from sticking and cut out fries with the crinkle cutter 4 to 5 inches long. Make indents more prominent with butter knife so they don't get lost when dough expands. Bake until golden brown on the edges to look like real fries 7-10min.

Let cool.

Step 3

Lay out your burger bun bottoms.

Place a dot of butter cream in the center of your burger and place onto the “bun”

Repeat until all brownie burgers are onto the bottom bun.

Step 4

Using your piping bag squeeze out your yellow buttercream into simple dollops.

Using green buttercream and #104 tip place widest part of tip to the inside of cupcake thinnest part faces out and you just go back and forth on edges of cupcake to create a ruffled lettuce leaf appearance.

Repeat for red your ketchup dollops.

Step 5

Place your Bun Top (top of cupcake) onto your burger patty.

Sprinkle with your “sesame seed” sprinkles

Place toothpick adornment into center of bun

And just like that you've got your Burgers + Fries In Disguise! Whip them up with Dad this Father's Day for a sweet bonding activity!

To watch the full Daytime segment and follow along click HERE.

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