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I'm Elaine Duran and I'm the cake designer and coach behind Everything Elaine.


From my early days as a nail tech, to my days taking over TV screens on elite baking shows such as TLC's The Next Great Baker and Food Network's Cake Wars, I knew I was created to create. In 2016, my doctors discovered I was battling breast cancer. It quickly became evident to me that my purpose was not just to create, but to motivate. 

When you're faced with the reality of your mortality, every moment, every dream and every event has a renewed sense of purpose and calls for activation and celebration.

I have been given the gift of life and I'm going to use it to help you discover and celebrate yours. If you're looking for life coaching or cake coaching I would love to hear from you!

Leave message below telling me a little about yourself and the type of coaching you're looking for! I'll reach out as soon as I can to discuss my rates and how I can serve you! 

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